Your gift allows us to support our mission of preventing infant mortality and improving birth outcomes in Allen County. Not only are helping our community’s most at-risk pregnant women give their baby’s a healthy a start to life you are helping build a healthier community!

$50 helps support the cost of enrolling a client into our services. This helps our moms with scheduling their first prenatal appointment, enrolling them into insurance if needed, arranging for transportation to prenatal appointments and provide prenatal vitamins.

$250 helps supply 3 months of diapers for one client. Diapers are very expensive and the cost can be very stressful for our moms who have financial stressors. We give diapers as incentives for moms who are making the prenatal appointments and other goals with us to have a healthy baby.

$100 helps provide breastfeeding survival kits. Mothers who breastfeed have lower rates of infant deaths and are giving their babies the best start to life by providing them with the best food for the baby’s first year of life!

$500 provides 12 home visits. Most of our clients have 12 home visits from nurses or case managers during their time in Healthier Moms and Babies. During our home visits, our education provided directly addresses the preventable causes of preterm birth, low birth weight, admissions to the NICU and other causes of infant mortality. We also link moms to other community resources and provide them with support and encouragement throughout their pregnancy.