How Services Are Provided

Case Management

Each month a nurse or social worker visits the pregnant woman. Services are provided from as early in the pregnancy as possible until the month that baby turns 2 months old.  We work with various social service agencies to transition the babies of our clients to their child development programs to continue offering support to our moms. The goal of this care is to reduce the number of preterm deliveries, save families and the community thousands of dollars, reduce stress and ‘nurture new beginnings’. Spanish-speaking and Burmese  women are served in their languages.

 Group Support Ssessionsvicki yoga

Healthier Moms and Babies also offers Group Visits. These visits are either in our office or at an offsite location. Pregnant women who are due around the same time get the opportunity to get together once a month and talk about their pregnancies with other pregnant women. The session is facilitated by one of our staff and we often bring in others from the community to facilitate a group session. Some that we have had in the past are breastfeeding, safe sleep and prenatal yoga.